LOLA! (6 x 60') is based on a series of  successful young adult books by Betty Byers, about a strong female protagonist of mixed race who finds herself in the unlikely role of private investigator – even though she took a degree in Art History.  Like so many, having finished her hard-earned degree, she can’t find a job and with bills to pay, she takes the first role which comes along in a private detective agency – her nosy and inquisitive nature make her a natural PI.

SIN SOAKED (6 x 60') a tangled tale of deceit and betrayal between three friends, their spouses and business partners which threatens everyone caught up in its web.  Believing that living a lie is a safer option and that the truth, however grave it is, will be the end.  As lies and lives start to unravel, the truth is uncovered with devastating consequences and not just for the friends.  
SIN SOAKED set against the glamorous backdrop of Singapore, intertwined with international corruption and scandal.  SIN SOAKED is compelling as the storyline twists and turns revealing an unexpected ending.

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